Sponsor Spotlight: Noble Dog Hotel

Pull Out That Crown and Tiara...Your Pup Deserves It!

Let’s talk about our favorite doggie hotel in the Greenville Area. Noble Dog has been a great supporter of all things Pridefest the last few years. We love the services and the staff. They are not your average doggie daycare or boarding program. They are locally owned and operated.  One of the things that makes them different if that they offer suites with webcams (not kennels. They also have someone on the site 24 hours/day- so the animals are never left alone.  There are no restrictions on breeds or ages.  And we love the fact that the staff are Pet First Aid Trained!

Safety and Comfort are the Priority!

The staff also do an assessment prior to your pet staying with them.  They want to make sure that the pet is comfortable with the suite, play and group walks.  This helps everyone make sure that the stay will be a good one. But, no worries! If your doggie is not good with other dogs or comfortable with group play, they will make sure they get plenty of attention and exercise.

Get Ready for More than Just a Kennel!

And did we mention all the services… Besides boarding, they offer daycare, training, grooming, “chau-fur” services (pick up and drop off), breed meet ups, customer appreciation happy hours, pet first aid classes, kids training and lots of other fun events!

They have online account services once you have had an assessment. So, you can make reservations for all the things- how cool is that?

For all the cat lovers, we do have to let you know they only take dogs… No cats allowed, meowwww!

Learn more about Noble Dog Hotel through our website or by calling 864-412-5222. or emailing wag@nobledoghotel.com.

Noble Dog Hotel is an official sponsor of Pridefest 2023. Their support helps to keep our annual event free to the public and we are so excited they are a part of our collaboration for the LGBTQIA+ Community! 

Make sure to swing by and check them out in person at Pridefest 2023, held on June 10th, 11am-4pm, at First Baptist Church, Greenville, SC.

What I appreciate most about Pridefest Collaborative is their focus on empowering LGBTQ+ youth to become leaders and advocates for themselves and their community.

They provide opportunities for young people to develop growth, skills, and engage in advocacy work, and create positive change in their own lives and communities.

Our Mission & Vision

“This organization is truly helping to make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth around the Upstate of South Carolina.”

Portrait about love and sexual diversisty

Support our LGBTQ+ Youth by Sponsoring Our Collaborative

Join us in supporting the LGBTQ+ community by sponsoring PrideFest Collaborative! As a sponsor, you will be contributing to an inclusive and vibrant event that celebrates diversity, equality, and love.


By supporting PrideFest Collaborative, you’ll help us create a safe and welcoming space for all members of the LGBTQ+ community, and provide an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate their true selves.