Our Mission

The mission of pridefest is to advance unity, visibility, self-esteem, support, and wellness among adolescents who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer and to promote a positive image throughout the Upstate through community activities and events.

We celebrate diversity and culture awareness  intentionally within our brand identity and marketing (.)

Who Are We?

Our organization is built of active community members and peer focused organizations who are committed to offering services and support channels advancing our youth and young adults towards a more stable, supported environment where they can thrive and achieve great success.   

Where Are We?

Our brand is visible on most main stream social media platforms. We invite you to join us by liking and/or following us @pridefestsc

Download our Promotional assets

When in doubt about your use of any Early Goat Coffee Co. brand elements, please contact us at legal@earlygoat.com for clarification.

Voice and Tone

The way we speak to our audience is as much a part of our brand as our human mission. The way we write tells people what to expect from us. Being intentional about our voice and tone helps us put our best, most authentic foot forward at all times and creates a consistent inclusive, experience everywhere we show up.

Our voice is inspiringrelatableconfident, and supportive.

We empower people to transform their inner selves and lives. They are taking charge of their destiny, and our platform represents endless possibilities. We want them to feel ready to take on the world and supported in their adventure. “Be you!”

• Active voice — “Jay loved our event” vs “The event was loved by Jay.”
• Plain English — No slang, jargon, or chat-speak (LOL, IDK, AFAIK).
• Positive phrasing — “Remember your goals.” vs “Don’t forget your goals.”

Our tone is conversational – we’re not cold and bland. We consider who we’re writing for, where content is posted, and what the ultimate goal or message is. We speak in terms that our audiences understand and can scale up or down in excitement.

We’re proud of our event without being arrogant. While Pridefest has personality and a sense of humor, we try to relate casually, but with intent.


The full Pridefest brand logo is our official one and is used in all of our and our partners’ consumer-facing marketing materials. Download links include logos in .PNG, .SVG, and .EPS formats.

textual templates

Copy + paste these texts to help promote our event and connect our audiences alike. The information provided in these textual templates are the most up-to-date instructions to help our community find us and the latest, most up-to-date information about our event.


Our contrasting primary palette is at the core of our brand identity and should be used for any static or one-off, brand-focused executions (such as business systems, app icons, press materials, including printed marketing graphics). 

The first color represents the color in form. The hover (contrasting) color represents the textual font text that should be used to contrast this color.


Primary logo/brand color
HEX: #301746


Secondary, support color, most commonly used for backgrounds
HEX: #A0237F


Accent, feature, secondary support color. Commonly used in buttons and triggers
HEX: #FF005D


Secondary accent or follow-up text color. Used often in supportive text or softer backgrounds
HEX: #F48CC3


Pridefest 2023


Media inquiries should contact press@pridefest.info and stay tuned to our social media for the latest information for this event

Pridefest Event

Members of our events team, festival staff, and board of directors may be seen wearing these official passes. If you need assistance while celebrating Pridefest, find a trusted adult wearing one of these.

Pridefest is a TroyCoLIVE Brand

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Pridefest Collaborative

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