Triple C Jubilee

Official 2024 Fundraising Event

Feb 29  |  6-9PM  |  $25-$50 a Ticket

Crafts, Carafes, & Canvases!

Join us at the PFC Triple C Jubilee for an incredible night of fun, creativity, and support of our LGBTQIA+ youth and families!

Serving as the official fundraiser for Pridefest 2024, this event includes a chance to #elevatenotreplicate the voices of our community and let their artistic sides show, all while enjoying local craft brews, tasty local vintages, and delicious local food! What’s more? We will also have an art canvas competition where our artistic youth and young adults are the stars! The winning canvas in each category will be auctioned at Pridefest 2024.

Proceeds support our LGBTQIA+ friendly businesses/non-profits as part of the PFC Mission in Action Award!

And so much more!

And if that still wasn’t enough, there will also be a silent auction, PFC Gear and Giveaways, AND local youth selling their crafts for THEIR profit!

Want to know more about what we are raising money for? Check out footage from Pridefest 2023 by scanning the QR code below or reach out to us at!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event! Join us at the PFC Triple C Jubilee and let our LGBTQIA+ youth and familes know their voice is heard above ANY chaos life is serving!